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Some Media club members

medi club members

Our vision is:

  1. To continue providing needed skills to all of our members(Basics in written press editing, ICT for press,and debate skills.
  2. To develop a culture of reading among students and in  the Rwandan Society in general
  3. To publish our newspaper “BLUE STAR MAGASINE”
  4. To help students develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and public speaking.


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A Reflection on Rwandan Genocide of 1994

Many books written by Rwandans in general talk about one story that happened in one hundred days since April till July. Those books can help strangers to know what Rwanda have been passing through that red and dark year of tragedy (1994). For Rwandans, it’s not the case, that story is engraved and marked in their minds and hands because they are with it everywhere. According to Rwandans, Rwanda is the home of the almighty God. But during that sad and dark period no one could believe that, it seems that  God had forgotten its own home because: old, adult, children and even babies have been facing things over their imaginations.                                                                                                                                                                       Husband killing wife, grandfather killing sons and daughters, dogs hunting people as rabbits. Roads and lakes were overlapped with innocent’s corps, their blood everywhere, widowers and orphans’ tears covered the whole country.

                               The main sickness that Rwandans are suffering from come from what they have seen during that strange year. Till now, Rwandans’ hearts are stretched by heavy wounds from the Genocide and their hands still shaking. For people who do not live inside the country, the Genocide is over. But, for Rwandans it is not yet over only because they still barring their people’s bodies from toilets to memorial sites. Till now a great number of us do not know where our family members died or have been buried. Rwanda’s wounds are not yet healed. Around the country there are many memorial sites, orphans Camps have been built, many organizations fighting against that Genocide’s consequences

 As a new generation, it is up to us to deal with all problems caused by Genocide; there are many orphans, widows and widowers in our country, many infrastructures was destroyed and many families are completely turned off. The survivors of genocide left with a great problem of trauma. Let us stand up and commit our self to contribute meaningfully and directly to the rebuilding of our country and give a great hope to those who was left with the problems of trauma. We have to speak all over the world the worst of Genocide and   fight until the end against the rehearsal of Genocide in this world. «Never again. »


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ECOLE DES SCIENCES DE MUSANZE is located in the north of RWANDA. It is the first secondary school which introduced scientific options in our country since 1958. In these days it performs well academically in the country and is one of the secondary schools which sends many  students to continue their studies in the international universities, especially  in the United States of America. We are about 750 students in the school (Boys & Girls) who are boarding. Our school has two options: Physics-Chemistry-Maths and Maths-Chemistry-Biology together with Ordinary level.


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who are we

We are students from RWANDA , a small country located in  the heart of AFRICA. After the GENOCIDE committed against  the Tutsis  and other tribal wars that our country faced  from 1959 to 1994, there was the destruction of the economic, social and political sectors of the country. It was observed that journalism is one of the sectors which played a big role in the demolition of the country’s progress. The Ministry of Information introduced Media Clubs  in secondary schools so that those Media clubs can learn much about journalism and teach their fellow students and the societies they are from about critical thinking and analytical skills so that our country will not face again those bad events.

Please follow along our Blog so that you can learn more about our country.


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