“ A Dog cannot stop a train.”

Rwanda has security but no peace”. The International community, many Rwandans and other people outside of Rwanda who are in touch with the country’s current political climate,

say that Rwandans have security but no Peace                         The shootings of Lieutenant General KAYUMBA NYAMWASA in South Africa and chief editor of the UMUVUGIZI Times, Jean Leonard, along with the      grenade attacks which killed many people KIGALI and      BUTARE in recent months, have been cited as evidence that Rwanda does not have peace. In addition, several high-ranking military officers, such as Brigadier General J. Bosco  KAZURA , Major General  KARENZI KARAKE , and Lt. General Charles MUHIRE were         recently arrested for different reasons.                                          During a press conference on 28th July  with the President of the Republic of Rwanda H.E. Paul KAGAME, journalists asked many questions about the reports of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other international commissions which suggest that the government of Rwanda is responsible for the shoot of Lieutenant         General KAYUMBA NYAMWASA.

H.E replied, “The Rwandan government cannot plan to kill anyone-even the notorious criminals. And I always see in your reports that you compare me with those Generals. I know them more than you because I lead them, so don’t compare me with them. I have a high status because Rwandans chose me as their President. When we suspect someone, we deal with the situation, make a report, give it to the criminal court and we let the judges do their work. Even if KAYUMBA has been fired it doesn’t mean that the crimes that we blame on him have finished”, he added.

Regarding the arrests of Brigadier General Jean Bosco KAZURA, Major General KARENZI KARAKE and Lt. General Charles MUHIRE, KAGAME stated that KAZURA went to South Africa without the permission of the army discipline staff. Lt. General MUHIRE and Major General KARENZI KARAKE used their high positions in the Rwandan army for their own profit and also corruption.

The Minister of International Security, Sheikh Musa Fadhil HARELIMANA, said that Rwandan police have arrested two men who are suspected of killing Leonard RUGAMBAGE. He stated that the shooting was not politically motivated, a view that has been supported by international human rights reports.

H. E. Paul KAGAME responded to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other international commissions whose reports state that RWANDA has security but no peace, in those words “From 1994 (after the genocide), those international commissions and Human Rights Watch didn’t have any good news about RWANDA but we have developed, so you know a dog cannot stop a train. Let them speak whatever they want, but we are developing our country.

Don’t be worried; our country has security and peace.”

                     KARENZI V. reports


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