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World Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day was celebrated at Ecole des Sciences de Musanze. As usual in this school, before this day takes place there must be the Miss selection. Regine ISHIMWE from Senior 4 PCB (Physics-Chemistry-Biology) was selected to be Miss Ecole des Sciences de Musanze 2011.

This celebration was started by singing the school anthem called IMBANGUKANABIGWI. After that, Fr. Headmaster Jean Claude MBONIMPA welcomed all participants of that celebration also wishing a good day to all girls and women in general.

Matron Honoree DUKUZUMUREMYI spoke in the name of female teachers. In her speech, the teacher in charge of girls’ behavior thanked the male teachers for helping the female students to develop. She reminded all girls to remember their duties and contribute to the society of the home and country in general. The mother of CANA, the hostel of girls, reminded her female colleagues that they have to know that they are valued and allowed to participate in all departments as boys do.

In this ceremony, some girls who performed well in their classes, in sports, and all of the candidates for Miss selection were rewarded but Miss Regine ISHIMWE was rewarded particularly as the winner of the Miss election 2011 in this school. Congratulations ladies, and congratulations ISHIMWE!



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