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The Endless Life of Poverty

Poverty hurts people who live in poor life; it affects the growth of children physically and mentally. Poor people do not even know their rights, what is important to them, what they are allowed to do and what they are not.

Poverty makes poor people shy in their society; they do not express their ideas, even the ones which can develop the whole community because they consider themselves as people with no value in the society. They think that there are other people who are responsible for the development of their nations.

The big problem is that mostly the descendants of those people maintain the poverty of their ancestors; bad life continues to be like a habit to the same people. Some accept their bad lives and they think is their destiny planned by God so that they cannot change any thing.

The discouraging thing is that many poor families give birth to more children that they can afford which has the effect impoverishing them. In Rwandan villages you can find a family of a husband and his wife with more than twelve children. Those children are unschooled; they grow in the villages without any basic education. Those parents give birth to the children without thinking about their future, what food they will consume, how they will study and what they will wear.

Alcoholism also contributes to the endless poverty of some people. In all Rwandan villages there are people who drink from morning up to the end of the day without working and some of them work in order to get money of those drugs, but remember that after consuming those alcohols they will not have enough strength to work for tomorrow. Those people do not think about their families–men fight against their wives every day in front of their children. Those children will grow up thinking that a real man is the one who beats his wife after drinking and they will try to behave as their parents– like father like son–so that you realize that the poverty will continue to have a place in the same family because even children do not have good role model who can be their examples.

Jealousy also makes poor people continue living their hard and bad life; they have jealousies each other. Many poor people do not encourage the success of their neighbors. This is shown by various examples: in the villages, educated children are often poisoned by their neighbors because they see them as people who are going to be rich in the future. They do not consider that those children will be tomorrow’s leaders who could work to solve their problem of poverty. This is the reason why many developed people immigrate from their villages and go to the towns because they are afraid of their neighbors.

Government policies also contribute to the permanent poverty of some citizens. Infrastructures such as roads, hospitals, schools, and electricity are mostly found in towns where those leaders and wealthier citizens live. All efforts of governments are put in towns; this makes rich people more developed and penalizes those who are underdeveloped.

Poverty is like a long and dark hole and some people struggle their entire lives to climb out of the darkness.

In Africa, people who are in that hole try to move up and develop themselves but the problem is that those who are in the hole with them try to pull others down so that their development is hardly obtained. When one difficultly arrives on the top, he penalizes the remaining ones. That is Africa.   

In Europe, the people who are in that hole try to move up and no one discourages those who are able to develop themselves. Those who obtain success go without helping the remaining ones. That is Europe.

In America, they also move from the same hole of poverty and the good thing is that the one who tries to move up is supported and pushed up by the remaining ones. Whenever a person reaches the top of that hole, he gives a hand to the remaining ones and pulls them up. That is America. This is what Africans miss; we do not work together. As it is shown, there are some people who contribute to the overall poverty of Africans.

My fellow young people, let us open our minds, forget the failures of our parents and work together so that we can prepare a better future because our parents are going to leave us in a few years. I ask our parents to start thinking about their lives and especially those of their children. Parents, remove your hands from your pockets and start small businesses.

Rich people and rich countries, please try to think about others who are suffering, those who are hungry, who do not have faith that they will eat tomorrow. Please help them as much as you can. It is not sufficient to give them money because it has been observed that poor, uneducated people do not know how to manage money. It is about mindset.

I am telling the suffering people, especially children, that although the troubles we have and the burdens laid upon us are so great that we give up all hope of staying alive and feel that death is all around us, we must remember that most of those who live good, prosperous lives worked for it. They spent a lot of days and nights working in order to raise themselves from bad conditions. I hope that we will forget all of those things which make us victims of poverty. Let us build our world on love.     

                                                                                                   KARENZI Vincent








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