Libraries are one of the major infrastructures that can back the succeeding levels of learners in a school or college. Anyone from any area of the world can borrow books for research, read  newspapers, or borrow CDs, which can enable the learner to increase his knowledge depending on his aim. However, those who have it in their hands are the lucky few.

This library comes in eager circumstance.


While students of Ecole des Sciences de MUSANZE were commenting on the insufficient accommodation for books to aid in course-related research, they also added that their downfall of maximizing the national examinations was due to the lack of books contained in the small library building. In the last academic year of 2010, after observing the students’ needs in their learning and in order to increase the students’ grades and the school sovereignty at the national level, the school Headmaster, Fr Jean Claude MBONIMPA , announced the issue to the parents of students educated in this school. Fortunately the parents understood this as awakening someone who was waking up .  Building construction began during the long holidays of the 2010 academic year. Straightaway, the action is going on even if it is still far from completion.

The school Headmaster notified us that it will take a long time to build this library because it will be the tower with two floors. To better understand the students’ opinions concerning these developments, we interviewed some of them. F. Regis MUGWANEZA, a student in senior five MCB said, “This is a good thing from our leaders as excellent also reference school. We will never give up our aims of being references, according to this library which comes to strengthen and reinforcing us.”

Even if this building costs many millions of Rwandan francs, it is conspicuous that the action is going on well. Therefore, it is our opportunity to endeavour and search for knowledge as it is feasible. Again, as a reminder, this library will not be used only by students from this school but also all willing persons from different neighbourhoods of the country. Please, wake up!



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