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The environment is one of the major resources that help development of our country, especially economically through the development of tourism. Is that why Ecole des Sciences de Musanze founded the Environment Club to enhance sustainability of our surrounding environment.

But this can not be achieved without cooperation of students and their leaders. This is why our school wanted the students to think about the surrounding environment, taking care of all the living things especially those nearest to our school. Existence of the environment including animals, forests, water, etc. demands taking measures to sustain these resources. This is the key fact by which in our daily school life we are invited to take care of our school inclusions. Speaking to Media club, the president of our school Environment Club, RUKUNDO Prosper, declared that all achievements are made with the aide of the KARISOKE RESEARCH CENTER. He added that to enhance stable existence is to heighten the life expectancy of all living things. By this reasoning, on 19th May to 21st May 2011, the KARISOKE RESEARCH CENTER organized training about scientific research. This training workshop, entitled “Citizen Science,” took place at Fatima Pastoral Center. Trainees were instructed how to carry out their own research on any given animal by using pictures taken during practical, along with other methods. RUKUNDO added that the training will help citizens learn how to live with animals of different kinds, to protect them from hunters or invaders, and to recognize the importance of the animals, especially birds which aid in pollination.

To enhance their daily activities, trainees used various materials including a computer, digital camera and binoculars to help them during their research at the school.

Jean Damascène NTURANYENABO, one of the teachers in charge of the daily activities of the Environment Club, spoke to Media Club. NTURANYENABO said that this training will help the Environment Club in its daily activities, especially during their research on birds. They will study bird habits and adaptations to the environment.

By:Constantin Twagirayezu




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Libraries are one of the major infrastructures that can back the succeeding levels of learners in a school or college. Anyone from any area of the world can borrow books for research, read  newspapers, or borrow CDs, which can enable the learner to increase his knowledge depending on his aim. However, those who have it in their hands are the lucky few.

This library comes in eager circumstance.


While students of Ecole des Sciences de MUSANZE were commenting on the insufficient accommodation for books to aid in course-related research, they also added that their downfall of maximizing the national examinations was due to the lack of books contained in the small library building. In the last academic year of 2010, after observing the students’ needs in their learning and in order to increase the students’ grades and the school sovereignty at the national level, the school Headmaster, Fr Jean Claude MBONIMPA , announced the issue to the parents of students educated in this school. Fortunately the parents understood this as awakening someone who was waking up .  Building construction began during the long holidays of the 2010 academic year. Straightaway, the action is going on even if it is still far from completion.

The school Headmaster notified us that it will take a long time to build this library because it will be the tower with two floors. To better understand the students’ opinions concerning these developments, we interviewed some of them. F. Regis MUGWANEZA, a student in senior five MCB said, “This is a good thing from our leaders as excellent also reference school. We will never give up our aims of being references, according to this library which comes to strengthen and reinforcing us.”

Even if this building costs many millions of Rwandan francs, it is conspicuous that the action is going on well. Therefore, it is our opportunity to endeavour and search for knowledge as it is feasible. Again, as a reminder, this library will not be used only by students from this school but also all willing persons from different neighbourhoods of the country. Please, wake up!


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The Endless Life of Poverty

Poverty hurts people who live in poor life; it affects the growth of children physically and mentally. Poor people do not even know their rights, what is important to them, what they are allowed to do and what they are not.

Poverty makes poor people shy in their society; they do not express their ideas, even the ones which can develop the whole community because they consider themselves as people with no value in the society. They think that there are other people who are responsible for the development of their nations.

The big problem is that mostly the descendants of those people maintain the poverty of their ancestors; bad life continues to be like a habit to the same people. Some accept their bad lives and they think is their destiny planned by God so that they cannot change any thing.

The discouraging thing is that many poor families give birth to more children that they can afford which has the effect impoverishing them. In Rwandan villages you can find a family of a husband and his wife with more than twelve children. Those children are unschooled; they grow in the villages without any basic education. Those parents give birth to the children without thinking about their future, what food they will consume, how they will study and what they will wear.

Alcoholism also contributes to the endless poverty of some people. In all Rwandan villages there are people who drink from morning up to the end of the day without working and some of them work in order to get money of those drugs, but remember that after consuming those alcohols they will not have enough strength to work for tomorrow. Those people do not think about their families–men fight against their wives every day in front of their children. Those children will grow up thinking that a real man is the one who beats his wife after drinking and they will try to behave as their parents– like father like son–so that you realize that the poverty will continue to have a place in the same family because even children do not have good role model who can be their examples.

Jealousy also makes poor people continue living their hard and bad life; they have jealousies each other. Many poor people do not encourage the success of their neighbors. This is shown by various examples: in the villages, educated children are often poisoned by their neighbors because they see them as people who are going to be rich in the future. They do not consider that those children will be tomorrow’s leaders who could work to solve their problem of poverty. This is the reason why many developed people immigrate from their villages and go to the towns because they are afraid of their neighbors.

Government policies also contribute to the permanent poverty of some citizens. Infrastructures such as roads, hospitals, schools, and electricity are mostly found in towns where those leaders and wealthier citizens live. All efforts of governments are put in towns; this makes rich people more developed and penalizes those who are underdeveloped.

Poverty is like a long and dark hole and some people struggle their entire lives to climb out of the darkness.

In Africa, people who are in that hole try to move up and develop themselves but the problem is that those who are in the hole with them try to pull others down so that their development is hardly obtained. When one difficultly arrives on the top, he penalizes the remaining ones. That is Africa.   

In Europe, the people who are in that hole try to move up and no one discourages those who are able to develop themselves. Those who obtain success go without helping the remaining ones. That is Europe.

In America, they also move from the same hole of poverty and the good thing is that the one who tries to move up is supported and pushed up by the remaining ones. Whenever a person reaches the top of that hole, he gives a hand to the remaining ones and pulls them up. That is America. This is what Africans miss; we do not work together. As it is shown, there are some people who contribute to the overall poverty of Africans.

My fellow young people, let us open our minds, forget the failures of our parents and work together so that we can prepare a better future because our parents are going to leave us in a few years. I ask our parents to start thinking about their lives and especially those of their children. Parents, remove your hands from your pockets and start small businesses.

Rich people and rich countries, please try to think about others who are suffering, those who are hungry, who do not have faith that they will eat tomorrow. Please help them as much as you can. It is not sufficient to give them money because it has been observed that poor, uneducated people do not know how to manage money. It is about mindset.

I am telling the suffering people, especially children, that although the troubles we have and the burdens laid upon us are so great that we give up all hope of staying alive and feel that death is all around us, we must remember that most of those who live good, prosperous lives worked for it. They spent a lot of days and nights working in order to raise themselves from bad conditions. I hope that we will forget all of those things which make us victims of poverty. Let us build our world on love.     

                                                                                                   KARENZI Vincent







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World Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day was celebrated at Ecole des Sciences de Musanze. As usual in this school, before this day takes place there must be the Miss selection. Regine ISHIMWE from Senior 4 PCB (Physics-Chemistry-Biology) was selected to be Miss Ecole des Sciences de Musanze 2011.

This celebration was started by singing the school anthem called IMBANGUKANABIGWI. After that, Fr. Headmaster Jean Claude MBONIMPA welcomed all participants of that celebration also wishing a good day to all girls and women in general.

Matron Honoree DUKUZUMUREMYI spoke in the name of female teachers. In her speech, the teacher in charge of girls’ behavior thanked the male teachers for helping the female students to develop. She reminded all girls to remember their duties and contribute to the society of the home and country in general. The mother of CANA, the hostel of girls, reminded her female colleagues that they have to know that they are valued and allowed to participate in all departments as boys do.

In this ceremony, some girls who performed well in their classes, in sports, and all of the candidates for Miss selection were rewarded but Miss Regine ISHIMWE was rewarded particularly as the winner of the Miss election 2011 in this school. Congratulations ladies, and congratulations ISHIMWE!


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urubanza rwa Col. mudenge rwashojwe

Urukiko rukuru rwa gisirikare mu Rwanda rumaze gusoza iburanisha ry’urubanza rwa Col Diogene Mudenge uregwa gushyira iterabwoba ku baturage no gukoresha umutungo wa leta ku nyungu ze .

Col. Mudenge watawe muri yombi mu mezi ane ashize ashinjwa gufatira imbunda ku muturage yari umuyobozi w’ikigo cy’igihugu cyita ku bintu bifitiye igihugu akamaro cyangwa Rwanda Utility and Regulation Authority.

Urubanza rwagombaga kuba rwarasomwe mu ntangiro z’uku kwezi ariko urukiko rwahisemo kongeraho undi mundi munsi w’iburanisha ruvuga ko hari abatangabuhamya b’ubushinjacyaha batabonetse mu iburanisha rya mbere .

Col Diogene Mudenge yinjiye mu cyumba cy’urukiko yambaye imyenda ndetse n’amapeti ye ya gisirikare .

Ubwo yatangizaga iburanisha umucamanza yavuze ko urukiko rwamaze gusoza iburanisha ariko rusanga hari abatangabuhamya batumviswe ari nayo ngingo rukumbi yagombaga kwibandwaho.

Umutangabuhamya wibanzweho cyane yari umushoferi wa Col Mudenge .

Yasabwaga gusobanura iby’imodoka ya Leta uyu musirikare mukuru yakoresheje mu nyungu ze bwite.

Umutanga buhamya yahakanye inyadiko mvugo

Cyakora ubwo yari ahawe ijambo uyu musirikare wo mu rwego rwa caporal yahakanye ubuhamya buri mu nyandiko mvugo, ubushinjacyaha bwemeza ko yatanze mu gihe cy’ibazwa .

Ibi byaje gukurura impaka ndende abunganira, Col Mudenge basaba ko inyandiko mvugo zateshwa agaciro kubera ko uwo zitirirwa azihakaniye imbere y’urukiko .

Muri izi nyandiko Col Mudenge yaregwaga gukoresha imodoka ya gisirikare mu mirimo imufitiye inyungu ku giti cye mu gihe yagombaga gukora imirimo ya girikare .

Iyi modoka yatanzwe n’ikigo cy’itumanaho cya Rwandatell kubera imirimo itasobanuwe yakoranaga bn’ishami rya gisirikare ryayoborwaga na Col Mudenge .

Ubushinjacyaha buvuga ko kuba iyi modoka itaramurikiwe ishami rya gisirikare rishinzwe amamodoka ubwo Col Mudenge yahindurirwaga imirimo bihwanye no kwigarurira umutungo wa leta .

Gusa yaba Col Mudenge ndetse n’abamwunganira bo bakavuga ko iyi modoka itigeze yandikwa mu mutungo rusange w’igisirikare cy’U Rwanda .

Ubwo yabazwaga niba yarahawe iyi modoka ngo ibe iye bwite Col Mudenge yavuze ko yategetse umushoferi we kuyisubiza mu kigo Rwandatell yari ihuriyeho na Ministeri y’ingabo cyakora uyu mushoferi ngo ntaze kubishobora kubera ko imodoka yari yarangiritse itakigenda.

Impaka zakomeje kuba ndende ubushinjacyaha buterana amagambo n’uruhande rw’uregwa maze urukiko rwemeza ko ari rwo ruzashishoza rukamenya umwanzuro rufata.

Ni urubanza rwakomeje gusubikwa inshuro nyinshi kubera kubura kw’abatangabuhamya b’ubushinjacyaha ndetse rukaba rushojwe abatari bake bataragera imbere y’inteko iburanisha .

Mu gihe agitegereje isomwa ry’urubanza mu minsi 10 iri imbere, Col Mudenge aracyacumbikiwe muri gereza ya gisirikare ya Murindi mu nkengero z’umujyi wa Kigali.

Inkuru ya  karenzi v.

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L’énigme du temps

        On ne peut le penser du dehors, main on n’arrive pas a le comprendre du dedans .Qu’ on en perd ou qu’on en gagne, il ne cesse pas de nous échapper .Il passe, avance,  s’écoule et chaque humain sur  terre est en défi contre le temps qui n’existe même pas selon les scientifiques. Selon le Robert, il s agit d’un “milieu indéfini ou paressent se déroulée irréversiblement les événements et les phénomènes dans leur succession”.

  Selon ETIENNE KLEIN, spécialiste de la mécanique quantique et philosophe qui consacra la plus part de son temps libre a l’étude du temps, touts les confusions relative au mot TEMPS  se ramène au fait que nous définissons le TEMPS par les événements qui se déroule dans le temps.

 Comme par exemple : Changement, Evolution, Répétition, Devenir, La vieillissement etc.

                    Même si la définition du TEMPS pour le monde entier, reste une question sans réponse, les scientifiques on a Paine mis en évidence depuis  longtemps le problème en question et publia un instrument très importante pour contrôler l’énigme TEMPS. Grace à eux nous pouvons dominer sur l’énigme sans savoir sa réponse. Grace à une montre on est capable de nous trouver du temps pour les choses les plus importantes pour nous et les fruits du respect du temps nous sont vitaux. »Les heures du Rwanda et d’Afrique en générale sont un peu  différentes des heures de l’Europe ou d’Amérique »A dit un blanc. Il ajouta qu’au Rwanda spécialement, on joue  à un jeu de plus 120 minutes par rendez-vous. Par simple calcule, celui qui a un rendez-vous par semaine et perd 120 min par rendez-vous, perd au total quatre jours par an. Ceci affecte  négativement la production, la qualité, les services, le développement de nos carriers et surtout nos relations sociaux.

 En voila quelques conseilles pour trouver du temps aux choses les plus précieuses pour nous :

         Avant de trouver du temps pour des choses importants il faut les identifier. Ça serait plus facile si vous aviez une idée précise de vos valeurs et de vos objectifs et les activités qui permettent de les atteindre. Commencer donc par définir vos valeurs. Essayez de mettre par écrit tout ce qui vous passent par la tête : L’étude, l’amitié, le travail, la réussite, l’argent, la gentillesse….Puis demandez-vous ce qui compte pour vous.

        Après cela, réfléchissez à tous les objectifs que vous aimeriez réaliser. Quelle est la différence  entre une valeur et un objectif ? Dans ce contexte, disons qu’une valeur demeure, tandis qu’un objectif, une fois atteinte, prend fin. Quels objectifs pourriez-vous vous fixer ? Souhaitez- vous passer d’avantage de temps dans vos études ? Déterminez les objectifs qui sont primordiaux pour vous. Veillez à ce qu’il soit compatible avec vos valeurs. Voici quelques façons de vous libérer du temps : Tenez une liste de tâches journaliers, accorder vos calendriers, écrivez un « Plan d’action, accepter le fait  de ne pas pouvoir tout faire, n’ayez pas les yeux plus gros que le ventre.

                                                                                                                         By Gentil   Kalisa

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“ A Dog cannot stop a train.”

Rwanda has security but no peace”. The International community, many Rwandans and other people outside of Rwanda who are in touch with the country’s current political climate,

say that Rwandans have security but no Peace                         The shootings of Lieutenant General KAYUMBA NYAMWASA in South Africa and chief editor of the UMUVUGIZI Times, Jean Leonard, along with the      grenade attacks which killed many people KIGALI and      BUTARE in recent months, have been cited as evidence that Rwanda does not have peace. In addition, several high-ranking military officers, such as Brigadier General J. Bosco  KAZURA , Major General  KARENZI KARAKE , and Lt. General Charles MUHIRE were         recently arrested for different reasons.                                          During a press conference on 28th July  with the President of the Republic of Rwanda H.E. Paul KAGAME, journalists asked many questions about the reports of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other international commissions which suggest that the government of Rwanda is responsible for the shoot of Lieutenant         General KAYUMBA NYAMWASA.

H.E replied, “The Rwandan government cannot plan to kill anyone-even the notorious criminals. And I always see in your reports that you compare me with those Generals. I know them more than you because I lead them, so don’t compare me with them. I have a high status because Rwandans chose me as their President. When we suspect someone, we deal with the situation, make a report, give it to the criminal court and we let the judges do their work. Even if KAYUMBA has been fired it doesn’t mean that the crimes that we blame on him have finished”, he added.

Regarding the arrests of Brigadier General Jean Bosco KAZURA, Major General KARENZI KARAKE and Lt. General Charles MUHIRE, KAGAME stated that KAZURA went to South Africa without the permission of the army discipline staff. Lt. General MUHIRE and Major General KARENZI KARAKE used their high positions in the Rwandan army for their own profit and also corruption.

The Minister of International Security, Sheikh Musa Fadhil HARELIMANA, said that Rwandan police have arrested two men who are suspected of killing Leonard RUGAMBAGE. He stated that the shooting was not politically motivated, a view that has been supported by international human rights reports.

H. E. Paul KAGAME responded to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other international commissions whose reports state that RWANDA has security but no peace, in those words “From 1994 (after the genocide), those international commissions and Human Rights Watch didn’t have any good news about RWANDA but we have developed, so you know a dog cannot stop a train. Let them speak whatever they want, but we are developing our country.

Don’t be worried; our country has security and peace.”

                     KARENZI V. reports

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