Au vilain temps

Au vilain temps, au vilain temps !!!!!

Au vilain temps, l’homme devient bon,

Au vilain temps, l’homme recouvre le sens,

Au vilain temps, l’homme se dévoue,

Au vilain temps, l’homme est conscient de lui,  Au vilain temps !!!

Tout devient impropre à chacun,

Tout devient l’ennemie de l’homme,

Tout devient amer à chacun,

Tout devient obscur à l’homme,

Tout s’envole loin de lui.

C’est pourquoi au vilain temps l’homme recouvre le sens,

C’est pourquoi au vilain temps l’homme devient réfléchis,

C’est pour cela qu’au vilain temps l’homme ne hâte le pas,

C’est pour cela qu’au vilain temps l’homme abaisse la voix,

C’est pourquoi au vilain temps l’oreille de l’homme est plus attentif.

Pour les uns au vilain temps, « Mieux vaut mourir que vivre »,

Pour les uns au vilain temps, « Mieux vaut passer ailleurs que passer par ici »,

Pour les uns au vilain temps, ils regrettent leur existence,

Pour les uns au vilain temps, « Au secours, ô Dieu !! », s’écrient-ils,

Pour les uns au vilain temps, « Si je savais ! », s’écrie                                                                                                                                                     Maintenant que tu es heureux, prépares-toi donc au vilain temps,

Maintenant que tu es heureux, apprends donc à maitriser tes pas au vilain temps

Maintenant que tu es heureux, amuses-toi en apprenant  comment tu t’amuseras Au vilain temps,

Maintenant que tu es heureux, apprends donc comment tu répondras  Au vilain temps,

Maintenant que tu es heureux, souris en apprenant comment maitriser ton sourire au vilain temps.

Au vilain temps, le jour s’allonge,

Au vilain temps, la nuit devient ennuyeuse,

A vilain temps, l’heure est prise pour une journée,

Au vilain temps, le blanc est pris pour le noir,

Au vilain temps, tout est confus.

                 Prenons garde au vilain temps !


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This is the fifth (5th) year since Father J. Claude MBONIMPA took  office as the headmaster of our school.

He has achieved so many things over these past 5 years. “Blue Star Magazine” spoke with him to learn more about his achievements so far. We asked him what improvements have been made in terms of studies, student-teacher relations, and administration.

He replied, “The academic performance has significantly increased to such an extent that our school is currently one of the best schools countrywide.” He added that the number of students has been decreased so as to have a manageable number.

The fact that priests have moved into the school when they used to stay out at the cathedral has remarkably facilitated the control of the school leaders. They are now able to ensure the whereabouts of everyone in the school more efficiently. In addition, Father J. Claude stated that teachers are more effective than ever before.

When we asked him what had rejoiced him, he replied, “What made me blissful is that our school is presently a boarding school and many students wish they could be admitted just to attend it.”                                                                                                                                                    We talked on and hereby Father J. Claude revealed his intention of planning for excellence throughout the school. He has been focusing on excellence during announcements and also through many other bulletins related to our school.                                                                                                                                                              Asked about what he intended to do concerning women’s education, Father J. Claude told us that it’s something which requires a ceaseless effort because most women, especially those from the countryside, do not have self-confidence. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that we will continue to develop despite many setbacks.

Later on we asked Father J. Claude to tell us when he started leading. He answered, “I started leading in P4 as the representative of Xavery Assembly, and I have been a leader for almost all of my life.” He added, “One of the things I appreciate most are games involving many people.” He also expounded on the frequent change of female rulers in charge of discipline here in our school, saying that they leave not just because we send them packing, but rather due to their personal reasons.                                                                                                                                                  We asked Father J. Claude to tell us all about the trip he had. “I went to France during the holidays,” he said, “and the local students there were also in their holidays. They truly have everything and some of them learn how to dance or play basketball as their combination.”                                                                                        Eventually we asked Father J. Claude to give some advice to everyone living in this school and this is what he had to say, “They should all be visionary.”

                                                                                                         Report: Yves RUGIRA

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In recent days, a French delegation started an  investigation into the airplane crash of the Rwandan ex-president Juvénal HABYALIMANA and former president of Burundi Cyprian NTARYAMIRA on 6th April, 1994.

Many reports were confusing and they explanations differed widely. The Mutsinzi Report says that HABYALIMANA was killed by a team of high-ranking military officers in 1994, which in turn triggered the killing of Tutsis. According to the report, Col. Theoneste BAGOSORA was the mastermind of that plan. Before the Mutsinzi Report was published, there were other reports such as that of RUZIBIZA and the French judge Jean Louis Brougiere, each of which states that the crash was caused by RPF, using missiles bought in Israel. 

The French delegation is composed of 15 people, including judges, soldiers, and missile experts. This delegation is governed by the judge who replaced Jean Louis Brougiere,  now in retirement. The Rwandan government stated that it will help the French delegation however they can in order to make things clear and reveal the truth.                                                                        This cooperative effort has been a long time coming; the Rwandan government has had many conflicts with France. After introducing documents regarding the arrests of  several politicians and high-ranking military officers of Rwanda, such as President Paul KAGAME, Gen. KABAREBE, Lt. Gen. NYAMWASA, the air crash of HABYALIMANA is still one of the issues which confuses many people. Some say that this event was the main trigger of the Genocide.

                                                                                                              KARENZI Vincent reports

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What’s love?

Many people are not able to define love but as Ec. Sc. De Musanze Marietta club we tried to explain it saying that love is to be proud of somebody. It is involuntary and  divided into three parts which are:

-The love between child and parents

-The social love which is that of God to the Christians

– the love between a girl and boy

they continued to explain  that the love between child and parents depend on how the parents love their children while the  social love is the one between the neighbor people (in the society).

The love between the girls and the boys has as aim to form a family, and this love is divided into 3 categories. First From 10 to 19 years old is called AURORE and it  is compared as the SUN RISE; the second  is from 20years to 30 which compared as HIRONDELLE and  3rd one is for the married men and women which is called IRINDIRO.

In our  culture, the AURORE is not very acceptable because those persons are not seen to be mature for carrying all the responsibilities at their age.                   

                                                                                                                      By:  JANNY

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Should the marriage of homosexual be condemned?

The marriage of homosexuals is one of the issues that are being introduced in many countries. As a religious school , we wanted to know more what religion relates to that issue. And some senior six students found the following:

First and foremost, marriage is a sacrament which is given to two persons of opposite sex meaning a man and a woman for the procreation of children, their up bringing and for their good being as spouses.

In fact; GOD created a man for a woman or a woman for a man not a man for a man or a woman for a woman. During their creation, GOD ordered them to go and procreate children until they equalize them with the sand of the sea, if  such homosexuals marriages weren’t condemned this order of God would not be respected because lesbians or homosexuals can not procreate.

Another parameter is that among the aims of marriage none of them should be    respected because of the fact of not having children therefore, they can not be called Spouses whereas they are for the same sex.

 It should be condemned because  of the means used to make their sexual intercourses, many diseases which are transmissible should increase their rate . Another point to show how it should be condemned is that when a man lives with his wife, there is a complementarity between them so that they many enrich each other

 But there will not be a such complementarity because lesbians and homosexuals are of the same sex, their cultures and behaviors are somehow the same.

To conclude, I can urge people as my colleagues to condemn marriage for lesbians and homosexuals so that the law of God be respected and the aims of marriage be attained as it should be.

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Hello dear visitors of our blog bluestarmusanze, this is the newsletter of september 2010


                                                                               TOURISM DEPARTEMENT INTRODUCES BIRD

For many years, the tourism industry has been one of Rwanda’s leading foreign exchange earners, thanks to its world famous mountain gorillas.

However, this country is also blessed with hundreds of species of bird, which the tourism Department wants to showcase to the world in a bid to attract more bird viewers from around the globe.

Consequently, this year the government introduced birding as a new tourism product that is expected to generate at least $ 11 million by 2012

The country’s tourism Department during this year’s British bird fair in Rutland, UK, Show cased over 670 species of birds of which 44 are the most sought-after Al-bertine Rift Endemic (ARES) and some, West Africa forest specials which ready their, eastern most limits in Rwanda.

There is also a select band of localized rarities which, currently, may be seen (safely) only in Rwanda. Endemic species are only found in Rwanda.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) officials say  that the location of Rwanda, in the Albertine Rift, make it  a verdant country of fertile and hilly terrain and fascinating wildlife that appeal to all nature-loving tourists and in particular making the country unique for avian wildlife and an idea destination for bird lovers .

The various hot spots for bird-watching in Rwanda include Kigali ,nyungwe, Akagere and volcanoes National Parks, Cyamudongo forest, Nyabarongo Wetlands, Akanyaru Wetlands. Some of the highlights of Rwanda’s bird life to be found in the country’s rolling hills, rugged  mountains swamps and lakes inclide ,the most sought shoebill stark, which has made a home for itself in the wetlands of Akagera nation park in the Eastern part of country .One of the densest concentrations of Water birds on the Continent .

The African Bird club describes Nyungwe National Park as the only place in Africa Where; Red-collared Mountain Babbler can be seen in safety.

According to B to raise awareness of the importance of birds, a Birding Association was set-up, bringing together all birds.


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keep waiting, we are coming

After some problems we encountered mainly by the lack of internet connection in our school, Our media  “INFORMATION IS POWER”  is coming with new posts and delightful newsletters, keep waiting!


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